Purchase And Leasing

Please contact us to inquire about our hand picked selection of available horses and ponies for sale and lease. We can help you make a wise decision when it is time to buy a horse or pony. We can also discuss leasing options. We can also help you to your horse when the time comes. Photos and videos to be posted asap!!

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When the time comes, helping you buy a horse or pony at  Amazing Grace Equestrian is one of our biggest responsibilities.  Our goal is to find the most suitable horse for you, your ability and your particular goals.

When you decide to buy a horse or pony, we understand that you are about to make a considerable investment.   This is also an even greater responsibility.  As exciting as this can be, it is very important to find the right one!  This is where it is very important to have your trainer involved.  Your trainer knows your level of riding and if it is the right time to buy a horse or pony. He or she also knows better than anyone what your goals are. Your trainer also wants for you to be safe, happy and for you to enjoy your riding horse or pony.

 There are many advantages to leasing a horse.  Depending on your particular situation, you can decide whether leasing is a suitable option for you. The most common reason a person would lease a horse instead of buy one is that leasing allows you to experience the joys and responsibilities of horse ownership without actually having to buy a horse or pony.

A common place to buy a horse or pony may be in your barn or a local, reputable barn, on the internet, and at your local tack shops.  If you are currently riding at a stable, ask your trainer at the farm if they know of any horses available for lease.  Also talk to your trainer about a lease situation, and ask if he/she knows of any horses available for your situation.  If you are particularly interested in buying a horse or pony at the stable where you ride, mention it to your trainer.

Before you decide to lease a horse, getting a vet check from a qualified veterinarian is a must. The vet check will allow you know what strong points and what weak points the horse has. By getting a vet check done, and by attaching it (signed by the veterinarian) to the lease agreement, it can help protect you when the lease is up by having all pre-existing conditions on record. When going over the paper work, read everything and always ask questions. Any questions that are answered should also be included in the agreement. Be sure that all aspects of the horse’s care are outlined in the agreement, including who is responsible for illnesses and injuries and pre-existing conditions.

We have had several satisfied clients whom have purchased and leased suitable mounts this year!! Congratulations and best wishes to all!  Pictures will be posted soon!  Nice horse and pony sale and lease  prospects will also be posted asap!